Full Stack Software Developer

615-218-9045 • • Seattle, WA


Awarded: Most Valuable Teammate

Nashville Software School • Nashville, TN

  • For showing exemplary leadership abilities, helping teammates achieve success, and assisting anyone needing help.

Nominated: Top Developer

Nashville Software School • Nashville, TN

  • For showing exemplary abilities to grasp the core concepts, going above and beyond the curriculum, and being a great teammate.


Software Developer • Apr 2017 - Oct 2018

Bernard Health • Nashville, TN

Software Development Team Member working on BerniePortal, an online all-in-one HR platform.

Front end projects using CSS3, Gulp, HTML5, JavaScript, SASS, Vue.js:

  • Implemented a much needed interface for the Client Success team to view and manage their client's accounts, as well as any other associated children accounts, from a single area.
  • Completed a UI overhaul of two product areas related to PDF and form mapping. This created a much more intuitive and concrete workflow for users mapping fields to PDFs.
  • Adapted the billing area to allow users to regenerate bills, and save up to three previous bill generations as downloadable PDFs and CSVs. This allowed users to correct mistakes without having to call in for support, inevitably pulling a developer away from their work to manually regenerate a bill.

Full stack projects also using Laravel, MySQL, PHP, PHPSpec, and PHPUnit.

  • Created a new PDF field type that allows for the mapping of multiple choice questions. During benefit enrollment the questions are asked to each employee, with all answers mapping to an associated PDF.
  • Realized a new feature that allows user creation of health benefit plan templates, which can be imported across multiple users and used to build out multiple plans with similar details. These built out plans update when the parent template is updated. This took a lot of stress off of users that needed several plans with nearly identical information. With this new feature, they were able to simply create a plan template that could be used to fix mistakes or create plans with minor differences very easily.
  • Maintained and created unit tests for modern and legacy sections of the PHP codebase.

Day to day responsibilities:

  • Utilize Xdebug and Laravel logs for debugging, Git and Github for version control, Homestead and Vagrant with VirtualBox to simulate our production environment locally, iTerm2, and Sequel Pro for database management.
  • Update, refactor, and maintain legacy code consiting of jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, Drupal.
  • Review code pull requests for local and remote teams.
  • Mentoring and support for junior developers.
  • Maintain mobile app in Objective-C, and make sure any updates pass iOS App Store Review.

Apprentice Software Developer

Nashville Software School • Nashville, TN

• Developed web apps using AngularJS, CSS3, Django, HTML5, JavaScript, and Python.

• Worked with multiple teams to meet AGILE sprint and project deadlines.

Side Projects

The CORE •

  • A game written from scratch in JavaScript for the 2018 code golfing competition.
  • Find four keys and drop them in the mind control machine to save the factory workers, and the world from total control!
  • With this game, I wanted to experiment with the rhythm and feel of a game. I setup a global animation timer so that every animation was ticking at the same rate. I also setup the background music to play it's notes in time with the animation timer.
  • The js13kgames competition requires that the final build is contained in a single zip file, under 13kb, and able to run completely offline.
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ToDon't List •

Technical Skills

Strong Understanding

  • CSS3, ES6, Git, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Laravel, PHP, Vue.js


  • Gulp, Node.js, PHPSpec, PHPUnit, React, SASS, SQL, Unity, Vim, Webpack